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We are so proud to announce our new partnership with Shat-R-Shield, Inc!*

Shat-R-Shield offers a variety of safety coated and waterproof lamps as well as Industrial LED lamps and fixtures.

*Serving the Central & Western Missouri as well as Central & Southern Illinois.
Rapid Modification

                                                Days matter. nVent HOFFMAN ships within 10. When you need customized                                                 enclosures quickly, nVent HOFFMAN gives you the choice- fast or faster.                                    
                                                Fast production schedules are no problem with the Rapid Modification program.                                                 Our most popular enclosures and panels, all designed to meet global safety                                                 standards and perform under the most challenging conditions:

                                                    Simple holes and cutouts placed where you need them 
                                                    Your choice of 28 vibrant colors
                                                    Shipped within 10 days
                                                    Ready for installation

Express Modification digital catalog